Magazine & Performance,

Produced by Marcel Martin

An introspectiveness

In summer 2010, Olivia Güthling hitch-hiked all the way from Berlin to Istanbul, on her own. Impressed by this intense experience she decides to spend a year in the city, starting in September 2011. Istanbul is a melting-pot, it unites cultures, people and contrasts, and it represents especially one thing: imperfection.

And that‘s exactly the city‘s main appeal! Constantly improvising, constantly searching, constantly changing, constantly moving. Istanbul‘s unique speed provides new challenges over and over again, and it‘s fast pulse unfolds every day, in order to keep everything going on.

»Honesty« provides intimate insights into Olivia‘s personal experiences in this incredible city. It is about honesty to oneself, to ones surroundings, to the city of Istanbul, and to what we may call „home“. In many texts, photographies and illustrations, Olivia confronts the never ending stream of impressions - sensitive and often vulnerable. She transformed her gained experiences into pictures and words, in order to get the reader emphatically closer to her unique point of view. »Honesty« is a report, a design-work, a photography, an illustration, a diary. It is telling the story of a live in Istanbul - cruel and beautiful at the same time.

Exploring a new context of designing a book while using the format of a magazine, this artwork breaks the rules which Olivia learned so far while working as a designer in Germany. The design is clearly structured at the beginning, becoming calm and silent after a few pages, and getting expressive and impulsive at the end. The magazine »Honesty« is drawing a picture of a visual artist, who is supposed to change her own rules and habits, and is traveling to the deepest roots of her own emotional soul and cultural identity. Istanbul is a patchwork of cultures, ideas, pictures and vibes, and the magazine »Honesty« is also like a patchwork, reflecting and documenting Olivia‘s life in the city as a unique piece of art.

»Honesty« is more than a report of a journey - it is based on a process of creation and can be used as an inspiration, because it provides possibilities for collaborations with other artists. »Honesty« is about suffering and enjoying - using Istanbul as a perfect metaphor for these two contrasting issues. »Honesty« is a sketch about a process of a human being living in Istanbul, with ups and downs, but never losing the focus for hope and delieverance. The content of the magazine is as fragile, personal and sensitive, as the paper it is printed on. But it‘s supposed to be shared with many people, to face processes - even if they are deeply disturbing - and start asking questions about the very personal meaning of life.