Book & Performance

The 'Awakening' project started with Olivia's idea to go into the wild for 8 days and speak out aloud all of her thoughts while recording them with a small audio recorder attached to her backpack strap. While collecting a massive amount of data he intended to be as honest as possible, avoiding any kind of filtering of all the thoughts emerging from her mind.

Awakening became a multi-media visualization of Olivia's stream of consciousness.

The performance:

The book:


Olivia "says the following about the voyage aspect of the process: “it is partly my way of collecting material, because I do deal with the journeys in my art. but you can also travel in your mind, there are many ways of journeying. in the end, it is about placing yourself in another environment and observing what is going to happen. and I like that. so maybe that is the principle behind, because through travels I can figure out my own, new limits and force myself to go beyond them, even if it hurts.”
—by Martina Antunovic,
"border madeness in mirrors",
for PLATOON Kunsthalle